About LearnSphere

LearnSphere created and manages the ProfitLearn program. Our story is all about one thing: providing comprehensive learning and development solutions world-wide.

LearnSphere fuels incremental business opportunities to deliver unique learning solutions for clients. We help clients define their learning needs and then we customize and package "best-in-class" learning and skills development content. That content comes from our proven resources – a network of close to 50 Canadian companies and institutions known as LearnSphere Associates. We have over 20 years of experience, on four continents, connecting expert knowledge to community and business needs. We have proven that pooling resources under the LearnSphere brand is cost-effective and produces results that cannot be achieved independently.

Our clients include governments, corporations and international financial institutions. We provide clients with a single-window, one-stop shop that brings together all the content, services and technology they need to meet their learning and workforce development needs. By working with LearnSphere, clients save time and money because we streamline the delivery process.

LearnSphere is an independent, federally-incorporated non-profit organization, governed by an elected board of directors. We are proud to adhere to solid business management and governance practices that have kept us in business since 1995.


Our learning and development solutions help businesses and organizations prosper.


LearnSphere will be Canada’s premier provider of comprehensive learning and development services.

Visit our website to learn more: www.learnsphere.ca